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Polymer Compounding Solution
Plastic Compounds

Polymer compounds

Polymer Compounds or Plastic Compounds -

We supply a wide range of Polymer Compounds which are high quality and value added compounds that find application in various industries like Automotive, White Goods, Consumer Durables, Electrical Appliances, Irrigation etc. Our Polymer Compounds are perfectly designed to fit with a variety of high-end processing techniques.

We build standard polymer compounds studying their various applications which require different properties like-
wear resistance where the material is expected to guard from surface scratching & defacement,
Impact strength where the product should sustain heavy impact effect
and other properties like super tuff, high gloss, reinforcement, resilience etc.
Our other compounds include -
PP- EPDM Compounds
FR Compounds
We also develop UV protected polymer compounds which is in increasing demand nowadays. Ultra Violet radiation is destructive to polymeric materials and affects its performance and longevity. Our UV protected polymer compounds are created by carefully selecting UV stabilizers which is the key in this process. Also co-inclusion of antioxidants further enhances the stabilization. Our product thereby ensures guaranteed performance.

Glass Filled / Mineral Filled Compounds – The choice of filler and polymer base depends upon the application of the compound. These compounds are used for products that need to be tuff and able to withstand heat e.g.Petrol tank, pulleys of washing machine etc.

Biodegradable Plastic – Green Plastic
Biodegradable Plastic is an act to perform today to ensure our future.
Seeing the need of time, we have developed this Green Plastic which is a polymer marvel.
A variety of natural, synthetic, and biosynthetic polymers are bio and environmentally degradable. A polymer based on a C-C backbone tends to resist degradation, whereas heteroatom-containing polymer backbones confer biodegradability. Biodegradability can, therefore, be engineered into polymers by the judicious addition of chemical linkages, without affecting physical properties or shelf life.
It provides the best of both worlds. This biodegradable plastic product is still as useful as it ever was. Consumers like it because they still get all the safety and convenience that plastic brings, while at the same time knowing they are giving their share for protecting environment. Manufacturers like it because they don’t have to change their raw material or manufacturing process.

You can count on us for advanced polymer materials as our compounds are nothing but engineered plastics.


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