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White Masterbatches
Colour Masterbatches


We deliver a full spectrum of Masterbatches to cater the needs of varied plastic processors.

White Masterbatches
Our range of white masterbatches is based on superior quality titanium dioxide. In case the titanium dioxide doesn't properly disperse in plastics, it may lead to insufficient use of pigment and a loss of optical and mechanical properties. For that, the titanium dioxide which we use is selected on the basis of its excellent properties such as undertone, colour and opacifying / tinting strength. It has a unique surface treatment that offers good dispersion in polymers and has no effect on rheological properties of a polymer. Our wide range of white masterbatches is made to suite all types of plastic processors.

Black Masterbatches
Our range of Black Masterbatches consists of a wide selection of custom made and innovative blacks, like Satin Black Pearl, along with the standard blacks available in the market. We understand that Black is the 2nd most selling colour and has an unlimited potential in the market so we keep updating our collection beautifully by using the right amount of Additives & best quality Carbon Pigment which is the most essential ingredient for the production of all Black Masterbatches. Different loadings & grades of Carbon pigment are offered as per final product application.

Colour Masterbatches
We provide thousands of shades of colour masterbatches. We also manufacture food grade masterbatches. Our masterbatches are available with desired properties like high heat stability, high light fastness, high dispersion, high gloss, etc.

Special Effect Masterbatches
Fluorescent, Pearl, Metallic etc. which are largely used in consumer durables like toy industries, furniture industries etc.

Range of Additive Masterbatches

Antimicrobials – These Masterbatches helps prevent fouling of plastic materials where part of the material might be susceptible to microbiological attack. Such attacks can cause staining, discoloration, odor and loss of aesthetics but, more importantly, loss of electrical insulating properties, hygiene and overall loss of mechanical properties in the material.

Anti-Corrosive -This Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor is designed for both ferrous metals and most of the non-ferrous metals. It is free from nitrite, which means that the product does not affect the working environment at film extrusion, for instance.

UV Stabilized – These Masterbatches protects the polymer from UV light-induced degradation, preserving the physical and/or mechanical properties of the plastic product.

Anti-fog - Fogging takes place on polyolefin films, which reduces visibility of the film. It is used to control the formation of water droplets. It is also used in agricultural films in combination with UV stabilizers in order to maintain the required warmer temperatures for certain crops

Transparent Masterbatches - It provides excellent colors in plastics applications without affecting the transparency of the final product.

Optical Brighteners – These Masterbatches works via a fluorescent mechanism which absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance. It is masks natural yellowing of plastics and also improve initial colour.

Slip Additive – It helps to alter the surface characteristics of the material. It is beneficial in packaging for bottle denesting. It also improves preform packing and product evacuation, and help eliminate preform sticking (mold release). Additionally, slip agents can alter the friction coefficient of the film to prevent films from adhering to themselves or to the production equipment during film processing. They also find application in cosmetic tubes.

Polymer Processing Aid (PPA) - The use of polymer process aids has increased as polymer processors look for higher quality and better output of their finished products. The term “process aid” covers several types of materials that are used to improve the processability and handling of high molecular weight polymers.
It Eliminates melt fracture and improves surface finish, reduces die-drool, improves throughput & minimise energy consumption, reduces the incidence of gel formation, Improves processability of recycled or reground polymer.


Colour Matching of Masterbatches


Our shade card is inspired by Nature!

No mater how unique colour you need, we will create it for you. Our proficiency in Colour Matching and updated technology help us create the exact colour in amazingly less time.

We offer important facility of technical backup i.e. all the details of each masterbatch are stored, therewith assuring that you get your particular colour every time and any time.

We are certain you will get your " mera wala cream " here for sure.



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