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Polymer Compound Development
Specially Designed Compounds

Polymer Compound Development Solution

Apart from being our expertise, Polymer Compound Development Solution is more of a passion for us. We have knowledge, experience and equipments to solve the most intimidating compounding challenges.

To cater to unique needs of our customers we work out the customer requirements with structured approach.

Our Product Development Team discusses the requirement, study the properties required, work out the polymer formula and come up with a most effective solution.

What makes us stand apart is that, during every compounding formulation our major concern is to make the compound cost effective by selecting appropriate raw materials and processes.

We have a fully equipped laboratory complementing to our proficient product development team. Together they rapidly prototype new formulations, conduct extensive in house testing and offer our customers a first rate compounding solution.

So, got a tricky project on your hands? then let's begin.

Whether you just come with -

product application and want to develop a compound from scratch
you come with required properties
whether you have a sample for reverse engineering
you want your existing formula to be modified for cost effectiveness

our product development process will comprise your need and will lead you to
the most appropriate solution.

For you, we have plenty of ORs and no IFs and BUTs


We thus provide you with complete ready to be moulded solution or let’s say solution that is ‘ready to cook’.



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