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Sudarshan Pollyalloy
Polymer compounds manufacturer

Polymer compounds and Masterbatches

Since its inception in 1993, Sudarsshan Pollyalloys has travelled a long and uphill path and has established itself as a reputed name in polymer industry. We provide full spectrum polymer solutions, like Masterbatches, Polymer Compounds and Product Development.

Today’s polymer scenario
The boundaries of today’s plastic world seems to be ever expanding as it envelops new products every day.
This diverse range of products demand varied properties like wear resistant, heat resistant, fire resistant etc. and all this without compromising on aesthetics.
This calls for new innovations in polymer compounding. And our product development team is only happy to take up the challenge.

Our reciprocation
Product manufacturers are today facing dual pressure of meeting the demands of property specific high quality compounds and that too in low cost.
We understand this age old corundum and have successfully come up with a balancing solution. 
We work out the customer requirements with structured approach and make it a point to give cost effective solutions.
At Sudarsshan, customer satisfaction is counted above all. This motivates us to attain the three factors appreciated by every customer - high quality engineered compounds that are cost effective and delivered in given time frame.

We do it from scratch
Using our expertise and knowledge we are able to cater to any unique needs of our customers. Our Product Development Team discusses the requirement, study the properties required, work out the polymer formula and come up with a cost effective solution by using appropriate raw materials.

No matter how unique your requirements are, we are ready, with sleeves pulled up, to work out a solution.

We are large enough to be resourceful and small enough to be flexible, making us one of the most dynamic and highly adaptable compounding Company.


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