Toll Compounding

At Sudarsshan, we cater toll compounding service of any lot size along with a broad range of materials.

You can provide the product formulation, specifications, and raw materials, and we shall perfectly compound it for you. With us, you can rest assured of not just quality but also the secrecy of your product formulation

We have vast experience of catering MNCs as a toll compounder.

Your toll compounding products are treated with the same care and are subjected to the same rigorous quality testing as our own custom compounded products. You get the benefit of our ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified procedures, many years of experience and industry leading customer service and support.

  • 14,400MTA Capacity
  • Latest Compounding Technology
  • 27+ Years' of Compounding Experience
  • Automated Plant
  • Onsite Full Fledged Quality Testing Lab
  • In-house R&D Facility
  • Responsive Approach

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